Rebecca Geanty BSc Hons. Lic Ac


After having a series of acupuncture sessions for tension headaches, which not only quickly resolved the pain, but also provided her with a new perspective on life, Rebecca decided to move on from her successful career in management, and retrain as an acupuncturist.

She carried out a 3 and 1/2 year intensive degree course at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, validated by Kingston University. Here she learnt both styles of acupuncture, 5 element and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This integrated approach provides a very extensive tool box to enable patients to be treated for a wide range of conditions, on mental, emotional and physical levels. Rebecca holds a full acupuncture licence which ensures that she has met the health and safety regulations and has completed the required training to become an acupuncturist.

She has a passionate interest in health, and has a wealth of knowledge to share with people seeking guidance on diet and lifestyle. An area that Rebecca has particular expertise in is Chinese dietetics – how food and diet, from the Chinese medical perspective, can greatly enhance your health.

Rebecca also specialises in both women and men’s fertility, as well as treating women during pregnancy and post partum care (after delivery), for a whole range of associated conditions. She is currently setting up a “first for Norfolk” acupuncturist network group to treat women in labour for pain relief.

Due to her naturally caring and empathetic nature, Rebecca is greatly inspired by acupuncture’s ability to provide effective pain relief for many of the more difficult to treat conditions, and how in some cases, it provides a means for people to avoid surgery.

Rebecca loves people, and is driven to facilitate healing in others, through resolving their ailments with acupuncture, and providing empowering information on general health and wellbeing. Patients all agree she has a sincere and empathetic approach, with many saying how well cared for they feel whilst in her company.